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Use this toolkit to fight misinformation about the current situation in Ethiopia. 


A compilation of reference materials on salient facts and issues impacting the current conflict in Ethiopia


Share Facts

Make your voice heard

Protest signs and posters

Planning to go out and protest? Need a poster to show where you stand? Let these posters amplify your voice!

Click on thumbnails to download

Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-08.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-06.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-01.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-05.jpg
Tuft protest-01.jpg
Tuft protest-02.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-07.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-02.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-04.jpg
Truth Seekers_Protest Signs and Posters-03.jpg


Click on thumbnails to download the posters

fight misinformation on your campus_flyer-02.jpg


Eyezon is a platform with active humanitarian aid campaigns. Examples include Doctors 4 Ethiopia and other efforts to support internally displaced groups. 
Tweet this to encourage others to join you in taking humanitarian action.

Join thousands of Ethiopians & friends of Ethiopia who have committed their gifts to support humanitarian aid for internally displaced people in Ethiopia. Your shared gifts will bring light and fill the void. Send your love & support through @EyezonEthiopia. #NoMore #HealEthiopia


SHare on Social

Share these visuals on your social media platforms. Make sure to include the hashtag #NoMore and the website
Truth Seekers_Social_01_no more lies. support democracy in ethiopia.
Truth Seekers_Social_02_no more lies. support democracy in ethiopia.
Truth Seekers_Social_03_no more lies. support democracy in ethiopia.
Truth Seekers_Social_04_know more to say no more.

suggested posts

We recommend you post these to Twitter and tag media outlets by adding @CNN @BBC @NYTimes @Guardian @Financial Times. You can also find specific journalists or opinion writers that are writing about Ethiopia and tag them directly as well to inform them of an alternative perspective. Add #HealEthiopia and #NoMore to connect this to a larger movement.

​I mourn and stand with the democratically elected government of Ethiopia’s diverse peoples as they regain their country back from violent TPLF insurgents. #HealEthiopia #NoMore #ProtectDemocracyinEthiopia

TPLF - we will never forget your crimes. We will remember what we fought and bled for - unity, freedom, justice and everlasting peace. #HealEthiopia #NoMore #ProtectDemocracyinEthiopia

We mourn the victims of TPLF’s violent insurgency. Hundreds of thousands would be alive if it wasn’t for the TPLF. #HealEthiopia #NoMore #ProtectDemocracyinEthiopia

Mama Ethiopia we wail with you for the pain caused by the TPLF. We mourn all our brothers and sisters from Tigray to Afar to Amhara lands and beyond. We stand united to heal your wounds and repair your peace. #HealEthiopia #NoMore #ProtectDemocracyinEthiopia

We stand with the families of Ethiopian armed forces, militias, farmers, athletes and everyday people who stood alongside Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to pay the ultimate sacrifice. #HealEthiopia #NoMore #ProtectDemocracyinEthiopia

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